Бибигуль Жузбаева

Welcome to Green Өmir!

Green Өmir is young Kazakhstan company which was founded in 2015.

Our task - is to bring style, comfort and quality into your interior

Each product made in Kazakhstan Workshop, Green Өmir is handcrafted.

Green Өmir furniture made from materials with PEFC label, FSC European forest ecological type.

Gentle to natural resources is involved in corporate culture of Green Өmir.

The company Green Өmir takes active part in the life of society. We support the various social projects, events, thereby improving the living conditions of Kazakhstan people.

Green Өmir is represented in the Furniture Studio I'House, Experimentarium, Dostyk Plaza mall

Did You Know?

For the production of 500 grams of wax , the bee has to fly approximately 250 000 kilometers, which is 6 turns around the globe. Bee wax is the main element used for finishing in the craft of cabinetmaker.

Communicate with love

Tree – is a live material, and it can "deform", which means it can change the form depending on the temperature changes. Therefore it is important to maintain a constant humidity in the room where is your Green Өmir furniture. For example, if the furniture is close to the source of heat, it is possible that the tree dry up and give the crack. To avoid the change of the finish colors, we strongly recommend you not to put the Green Өmir furniture under the impact of the direct sunlight or other strong light sources.

Please, do not use chemicals for dust cleaning - they may damage the finish colors of the furniture. We strongly recommend you to use the wax cream which protects the surface and nourishes the tree, like cosmetic cure. Thus, the furniture will save shine for long and will remain a pleasant touch.